A software engineer by trade, I’m a human by actions; I write web applications for a living, blog to siphon off my excess thoughts, do photography for fun and travel for rejuvenation.

I got the blogging bug back in 1999 when a new service called Blogger came along & I read in some tech magazine what blogging is and how a blog can be easily created on this service. Blogging continued from then till 2004 on & off but reading continued regularly. It was in early 2004 when I came across WordPress and on 1st April 2004 I started this blog about web development & some general tid-bits. Towards end of 2006 this blog went into a deep slumber due to a drain on power batteries. It was in August of 2012, almost six years later, that the power batteries were recharged once again & this blog was resurrected.

In 2005 I came across really easy ways of writing Hindi (my mother tongue) in unicode using phonetic keyboard mapping and hence started my Hindi blog.

After starting blogging in Hindi, I’ve been involved with a number of projects in the online Hindi community. I helped run & developed for the popular Hindi blog aggregator, Narad. I also started the first Hindi discussion forum Paricharcha in 2006. I’ve been associated with Global Voices and have been interviewed there as well. I’ve been active in the blogging & social media scene in and around New Delhi (India), I co-founded non-profits like Delhi Blog & New Media Society and Indian Blog & New Media Society, first such efforts in their own right. I’ve co-organized blogcamps, blogging workshops, etc. including second & third blogcamps in India.

I think I’ve bragged about myself enough, but if you are still looking for some more, you’ll find more info about me here.

Important: Any views depicted/stated here or on any of my blogs/websites are my own personal views (unless explicitly stated otherwise) and do not reflect views of my employer in any way whatsoever.