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Yes, there are people & institutions that are now teaching computer/network security experts & professionals how the hackers work.

Firstly, to those who are unaware, ethical hackers are those who have ethics. 😉 No, seriously, ethical hackers are people who know how hackers work, hack away into networks & thus they are in a position to prevent hacking. Simply put, these are just good hackers. 😀

One story at Reuters that came to my notice was this one which reports that there’s a computer boot camp going on at a Los Angeles area college in which participants are being trained in the noble field of ethical hacking. 😀
Students range from corporate biggies, academic leaders, military leaders, etc. who’ve paid almost $4000 for the weeklong seminar.

They are being taught how hackers think, how do they work & how can you outsmart them & kick them up in the ***.

This boot camp prepares the students for an exam offered by EC-Council(International Council of E-Commerce Consultants). If they clear that exam, they get the ultimate seal of approval: Certified Ethical Hackers. 😉

This boot camp is run by Intense School, a Florida – USA, based company that conduct 200 classes per year on security courses & earns about $15 million in annual revenue.

I wish that such boot camps were being held here too, so that we can get an opportunity too, its one of the hottest subjects around afterall. 😉

And if my memory serves me correct, I read sometime back that a university in Canada has started a degree in hacking where they teach it all. Can’t remember the university though. 👿

But still, its a good thing these kinds of boot camps & degrees are coming up eventually, which will help in making us more secure from hackers. 😀