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Resolutions at the coming of a New Year

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The year 2021 CE is over. Its in the past now. It was an eventful year just like its predecessor, the year 2020 CE. It had its bad & worse moments and it had its good moments as well.

I left PMC towards the end of the year, having worked there for almost 11 years. That is the longest I’ve worked at any place, it’s more than half my professional career so far. It was a bittersweet moment, leaving behind an environment I’d gotten used to, leaving behind colleagues/friends I’d been working with for years. I left to join Deep Ganatra, my friend of 18+ years, at The Good Glamm Group to help shape things and to help build them better & stronger, work that we both can be proud of. Also, this meant that for the first time since I’ve known Deep, I’d be working with him. This was one of the big draws for me.

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GraphQL in the world of WordPress as Headless CMS. To be or not to be?

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Headless CMS are all the rage from past some time. The idea of rendering a full page from the CMS itself for every request seems old & boring. To a certain point, the benefits of going Headless are valid & quantifiable.

To put it plainly, in a Headless implementation, the backend and frontend are separated out. The CMS (backend in this case) would just be responsible for managing the content. The frontend is decoupled from it & it can be built on an entirely different tech stack than what the backend is built on. Both frontend and backend are connected by an API (provided by backend) which the frontend uses to fetch data to display it on the screen. This way, the whole page (containing data + layout elements) would not have to be loaded and rendered for every request. This provides a few benefits right off the bat:

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Inheritance (& code reusability) in the world of React

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People like me who come from the typical Object Oriented background coming from PHP, Java, C# etc would say yes, code inheritance is a good practice. But what do you do when you are working with a language which does not follow your typical OO paradigms?! Yes, I’m talking about Javascript – the language people like to love and hate at the same time. And on top of that, you happen to be working with React, it becomes an altogether different matter.

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