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API Design, Consumption & Sanity

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Few days back I was going through the usual rounds of some forums I visit now & then and once again I came across more than one post where some poor soul used undocumented API of a library/package to achieve his goals and when the next update came out for the said library/package, his shit broke because the API changed in a stupid way.

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Using AJAX in Laravel

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This question came up in a forum where I drop by now & then. It is also something that I recall answering previously on one or two occasions. So I thought I’d write about it here with a rudimentary example to provide a gist of how it works.

There’s no mystery or secret voodoo involved in having AJAX work in a Laravel app. On its own Laravel 4 (current version) doesn’t have any API for implementing AJAX, so you’ll need to do the footwork yourself. The basic concept that applies everywhere else applies here as well; grab the data from a HTML form, create an AJAX request and send it to server to a URL on which data is expected. Form data is retrieved on server just like any normal form data would be, the only key part is since you’re dealing with an AJAX request you can’t send back a normal View as response, you’ll need to make your own response with proper headers.

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PHP: Which framework??

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At recently concluded BarCamp Delhi 10, there was more than one discussion on frameworks, be it Javascript or PHP. There are a lot of frameworks around for just about everything – server side stuff (like for PHP, Ruby, Python, Java etc), layout (CSS frameworks) or client side frameworks (for Javascript). Over the years I’ve tried out & played with a number of them across different programming languages but since I mainly work in PHP, lets talk about that here. I wrote a similar blog post about 7 years ago which referenced a comparison done by someone else and which I used as a point of reference to choose a framework which best suited me, but times have changed a lot and so have the requirements, expectations etc.

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Of stupid NPM & symlinks on guest OS in VirtualBox

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A week or so ago I finally got around to installing Node.js and started playing around in it. So far I liked what I saw, ie., till this weekend when I decided to grab Express.js and play with that. Now, I run Ubuntu (server edition) as a VirtualBox VM on my Mac OSX and primarily use it as LAMP stack for developing on WordPress. I installed Express.js globally via NPM for ease of use (since its dev environment & I like not having to install it for every project) and here came the first bummer. In NPM 1.10.0, the path where global Node modules are installed changed and Node is unaware of this change so far. 😮 So when I created the Express.js project and ran the app.js, it threw up error as it couldn’t find Express.js module. Looking up on this revealed that NPM installed Express.js at /usr/local/lib/node_modules/ which isn’t the place where Node.js looks for global modules. So the way to resolve this situation is to go into project folder and run the following command:

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Zen of WordPress development.....

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At BarCamp Delhi 9 someone asked me how I go about developing on WordPress and what would I advice to someone starting on it. We had a good discussion at length & though its been a couple of months since then, I thought I’d share my insights here as well.


The usual basics and good development practices apply here as well, so keep them in mind. WordPress has documented & sane coding standards, so make sure you understand & follow them. Other basic principles like DRY, KISS, etc. also apply. If you don’t already, then document your code. Use code comments extensively, document each function and every complex code block.

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