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The last release of iG:Syntax Hiliter was about 7 years ago when v3.5 was released. After that I got side tracked with other things which staked claim over my time, the plugin didn’t have any show stopper bugs & it worked fine with subsequent WordPress updates. So I kinda didn’t feel like there was any need to update the plugin, which was one of the reasons it didn’t see any updates after that.

A few months ago I kinda felt like the plugin needed an update; the code, already 7 years old, didn’t look appealing to me and I wanted a fresh look at how code is displayed along with a new feature or two and improve on an existing feature or two. Here’s what I was looking to do:

  • new layout for displaying hilited code, ofcourse
  • ability to embed Github Gist in post
  • ability to highlight one or multiple lines in a code block to show them as different
  • ability to disable/enable line numbering for any specific code box
  • improve plain text view to be smooth & precise

So, presenting all new and shiny iG:Syntax Hiliter v4.0, available for download immediately. This version is a complete rewrite of the plugin and also has new format of tags which are to be used for hiliting the code. However, the old tags are still supported so your old posts would also look great with colourized code in the new layout. But I would advise to use the new format of the tags this point onwards.

This version has a few more new features, improvements etc. For details check out the changelog. Also, its now on plugin repo, so future updates would be one click right from within your WordPress admin.

To see a working demo of how the new code boxes look, check following two posts:

Wanna see how its working on an old post with old format tags? Check it out here.

And here are the download links:

Pull requests are welcome at Github. 🙂