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Seeing me freak out at solving maths equations, my mom used to say that solving maths problems is fun once you get the hang of it. I thought that she’s just telling me that to finish up my homework, but I now understand because its not that solving maths has become fun for me but I’ve found coding & solving problems in there to be fun, which apparently some people don’t. So logically speaking, when you get going in something, it starts looking fun to you, whatever it maybe, be it solving maths problems or logical equations while coding or cooking!!

But then since I’m into coding & this blog is about that, so lets stick to that, and while we are at it, I would like to announce the v3.5 of iG:Syntax Hiliter. This version is an update to the v3.1.1 and has bugfixes and new features and the new GeSHi engine(v1.0.7.6) and two new languages, Ruby and MySQL. While the Ruby language file was created by me, I’ve included the MySQL language file from the GeSHi package to allow for hiliting of MySQL specific SQL. But then, as you should know, since v3.0 you are no longer bound to the language files included with the plugin, you can use any language file supported by the GeSHi version bundled with the plugin. So what’s new in this release, some of you might ask & here’s what I’ve to say:

  • Tested for compatability with both WP1.5.2 and WP2.0.1
  • You can use any other BB tag based plugin with iG:Syntax Hiliter now. A check is done for the existence of the language file in the appropriate directory and if the language file is not present there, the code is returned as it is with the tags, no parsing done on it.
  • Code posted in the comments can be hilited using the appropriate code tags. However this feature can be enabled/disabled from the admin interface of iG:Syntax Hiliter.
  • A colour picker is now available for you to pick colours of the line numbers displayed with your code.
  • A new type of “Plain Text” view of code is available that gives you the plain text code within the code box itself.

That’s apparently not all. There was a bug reported where the “C” language’s code was not being hilited & its been squashed. For full details, please refer to the Manual, its not very much but it has some details. 😉

So without any further ado, download iG:Syntax Hiliter v3.5. Any bugs etc. that you may find or have anything to say about the plugin, please leave a comment here or on the official thread at the WordPress support forums at

Colourful Coding to you all!! 😉

UPDATE:- The new “Plain Text” view of displaying plain text code in the codebox itself is kinda experimental. It has one known problem of the codebox getting resized to a small height making it impossible to view the code if it contains 1-2 lines of code. This is being looked into, so if you have a problem with this, please don’t report it as a bug. Patience is a virtue. You can report anything else that’s not already reported!! 🙂

UPDATE:- The thread at WordPress forums seems to have been closed by the moderators there!! I don’t know why since I’m quite infrequent at the forums there now, so all questions etc. regarding the plugin go here. 🙂