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Brouhaha & moaning over Blink, Webkit.....

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So Google announced that it is forking Webkit (the rendering engine which powers its Chrome browser, & Apple’s Safari among others) and will be making significant changes to it under the project named Blink. All of a sudden exasperated bemoaning of idiots started which included run of the mill phrases like “web fragmentation”, “browser wars”, etc. And all that without seeing what Blink will bring to the table? Seriously?!! 🙄

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Grey Storm !!

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As you might’ve already noticed, I’ve changed the theme of this blog of mine. This blog, which looked something of blue & white till an hour ago, was using a modified version of the cute Manji 1 Beta theme. Now, this blog sports a custom greyish theme named Grey Storm!! Incidently this is my first WordPress theme, made solely by myself & I’ve been busy over it for quite a number of days, working on it in whatever little free time I get!! 😀

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Colouring Background Image!!

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The latest issue of Macromedia Edge newsletter featured a great Fireworks tutorial. Its about colouring background imagery by Alan Musselman.

I’d have to say that those images in which foreground subject is in full colour & the background is Black N White, look real good & I wondered that it must be somewhat difficult creating that. But this tutorial changed my opinion.

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Get Flashy!!

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Its just one of the days. I’m tired, surfing the net, checking my eMails & hoping to get back to reading my novel before hitting the sack for tonight. But hey, I suddenly strike it good. 😕 And being a good blogger, & a human, I should share it. 😀

So, here you go.

Ever wanted to control your FlashMX applications, fascinated by the power others command with that mysterious & covert thing they call ActionScript? Want to get on in the action with ActionScript? Its the right time to do so. Introducing Actionscript at is just what you need. As the name suggests, its going to introduce the ActionScript to you. 😀 After that, an Overview of Actionscript is a must read. 😉

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CSS, here I come!!

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Its been a lot of time & I’ve hung on to the <table> tag for quite long. I’ve even argued fiercely whenever a CSS stylist has tried to advocate CSS based layouts & damned the tables.

Frankly, I’ve looked at several tutorials on creating a CSS based layout but they haven’t convinced me yet. They were sort of quickies when someone as dumb as me want to know anything & everything in a bit detail & with good explanations. So I thought that it isn’t time to move on yet. 😀

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The last issue of Macromedia Edge churned up some great articles. Chris Hock turns up with a good looking article on Flash Video. I say “good looking” because I haven’t gone through it but hope to do it this weekend as I can’t spare time before that. So I really don’t know whether it has the goods or not, but I expect that it’ll be good & will have my comments by the weekend. 😉

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