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Its just one of the days. I’m tired, surfing the net, checking my eMails & hoping to get back to reading my novel before hitting the sack for tonight. But hey, I suddenly strike it good. 😕 And being a good blogger, & a human, I should share it. 😀

So, here you go.

Ever wanted to control your FlashMX applications, fascinated by the power others command with that mysterious & covert thing they call ActionScript? Want to get on in the action with ActionScript? Its the right time to do so. Introducing Actionscript at is just what you need. As the name suggests, its going to introduce the ActionScript to you. 😀 After that, an Overview of Actionscript is a must read. 😉

The more seasoned warriors of ActionScript shouldn’t feel left out. There’s Object Oriented ActionScript straight from Colin Moock.

And if you think its too much scripting & coding, here’s a good article on Creating Life Like Motion Blur Effects in Flash. 😀 😉 Well, I’ve always have wanted to create that kind of effects but never been much successful. But seeing this great example that’s there on the article’s opening page, I think that I’ll devour the whole article & start a new life as a Flash animator specialising in Motion Blur effects. 😉

So that’s all the Goodies guys, feel free to poke around & get Flashy. 😀

And don’t forget, there’s nothing better than mother, & the official Flash Developer Center. 😉