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So Google announced that it is forking Webkit (the rendering engine which powers its Chrome browser, & Apple’s Safari among others) and will be making significant changes to it under the project named Blink. All of a sudden exasperated bemoaning of idiots started which included run of the mill phrases like “web fragmentation”, “browser wars”, etc. And all that without seeing what Blink will bring to the table? Seriously?!! 🙄

Webkit out, Blink in

To those crying over fragmentation with yet another rendering engine, I think the point will be moot by sticking to standards instead of having a code bias in favour of webkit. Personally I think the web would be a whole lot better place if major websites & enough web designers/developers just refuse to bow down to non-standard browser/engine specific implementations. If websites stop entertaining browsers which don’t comply with standards, the users using those crappy browser(s) would have no option but to shift to browsers that do support standards. That would result in either the death of the crappy browser(s) or maker(s) of those browser(s) owning up & getting their shit together. Either way, it’ll be a win-win for both web consumers and designers/developers – which is what the aim should be. 😈

Some might think it’ll be too drastic & I agree. It will be a radical shift in the mindsets and I don’t see this happening any time soon or at all, since it’ll require balls and well, human tendency nowadays is to just bend over! ❗ So, here’s to a new rendering engine & expected bias for/against it in near future. :tup: