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The last issue of Macromedia Edge churned up some great articles. Chris Hock turns up with a good looking article on Flash Video. I say “good looking” because I haven’t gone through it but hope to do it this weekend as I can’t spare time before that. So I really don’t know whether it has the goods or not, but I expect that it’ll be good & will have my comments by the weekend. 😉

But that’s not all. Remember I said just above that this issue churned up some real good things? Well, its just started to do so. After that article on Flash Video, you might want to look at this if you use Macromedia Director. The latest version from Macromedia, DirectorMX 2004 is a beauty & a real powerful toy. Well, things just started to get hot, didn’t they? Straight from Product Manager of DirectorMX 2004, Tom Higgins, this article is on creating multiple windowed applications in DirectorMX 2004. Looks exciting, no? Well, it does to me!! 😀

Well, before you set your hopes too high, I’ve to tell you guys that this is it. These were the only two articles that I thought were real gold. You however, are free to think otherwise since you can see the last issue(June 23, 2004) anytime. 😀 😉