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Its been a lot of time & I’ve hung on to the <table> tag for quite long. I’ve even argued fiercely whenever a CSS stylist has tried to advocate CSS based layouts & damned the tables.

Frankly, I’ve looked at several tutorials on creating a CSS based layout but they haven’t convinced me yet. They were sort of quickies when someone as dumb as me want to know anything & everything in a bit detail & with good explanations. So I thought that it isn’t time to move on yet. 😀

But damn Veerle for thinking otherwise. His tutorial on Designing a CSS Based Template seems to have convinced me to move on to CSS & abandon <table> based layouts. 👿 Thanks to Simon for the link to this excellent tutorial. 😉

So, any of you guys who still use <table> for layouts like me, I suggest that you have a look at this tutorial. Its a series & 7 parts have been published till date & for your convenience, I’m linking to all 7 parts. 😀