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As you might’ve already noticed, I’ve changed the theme of this blog of mine. This blog, which looked something of blue & white till an hour ago, was using a modified version of the cute Manji 1 Beta theme. Now, this blog sports a custom greyish theme named Grey Storm!! Incidently this is my first WordPress theme, made solely by myself & I’ve been busy over it for quite a number of days, working on it in whatever little free time I get!! 😀

I’ve tried my best with it & tested it quite a lot with many different things, fussing over small nuisances(that’s why it took a lot of time to finish, apparently)!! 😉 But still, this is the first time this theme is being tested in a live environment & not on my test blog, so lets hope that nothing breaks!! 😉

Please feel free to comment about this new theme or report any problems(oops!!) with it. 🙂

And last but not least, don’t ask for the download link as there’s none. I haven’t made this theme to distribute, just for me(this time)!! 😉