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Setting up a PHP Development Environment - v2

Posted by on in iDevelop, PHP | 13 comments

Sometime back I wrote a step-by-step guide for setting up PHP development environment in a virtual machine. This is a simplified (& less tiring) version of that.

You’ll need a few things to proceed:

  • A computer, ofcourse. I used a MacBook Pro running OS-X Lion.
  • Oracle’s VirtualBox VM software – get it from here.
  • A linux distro. We will use Ubuntu Server here. Current LTS version is 12.04. Download the 32 bit ISO from here. Remember to download 32 bit version, the 64 bit version is kinda sluggish on less than 4 GB of RAM. 32 bit version is good enough for running web development stack unless you have specific needs.


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iG:Twitter Cards - now available.....

Posted by on in iDevelop, iG:Twitter Cards, PHP, WP-Plugins | 0 comments

Twitter Cards are quite the rage now when it comes to sharing your stuff on Twitter. They add that zing to sharing. But there are loads of plugins for WordPress already, so why did I create my own?

Well, here’s the brief rundown:

  • The ones I saw, none of them are VIP compliant
  • Most just get the job done but the code is well….. unhealthy!
  • The ones I saw, none supported player card
  • I needed filters to be able to override the output etc. fully or partially
  • Being the attention seeking douche I am, I wanted to roll my own plugin 😀

Its all pretty easy and neat to use. Just activate the plugin, set a few global options on plugin settings page and done. By default it produces summary card tags for all posts and pages. If you want finer control or want player card for any post or page then select the global option for control on post pages and it will provide a meta box on post/page add and edit pages in wp-admin where you can set card to player card.

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Brouhaha & moaning over Blink, Webkit.....

Posted by on in iDesign, iNews | 0 comments

So Google announced that it is forking Webkit (the rendering engine which powers its Chrome browser, & Apple’s Safari among others) and will be making significant changes to it under the project named Blink. All of a sudden exasperated bemoaning of idiots started which included run of the mill phrases like “web fragmentation”, “browser wars”, etc. And all that without seeing what Blink will bring to the table? Seriously?!! 🙄

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PHP equivalent of Rails' to_sentence()

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So Corey popped a question last night in company chat room on whether WordPress has an equivalent of Rails’ to_sentence() function or not. The answer was no it doesn’t, & I thought heck that can be written quick!

Here is what I wrote quickly (and updated after that):

It can be further improved, the evaluation of three cases in switch can be removed entirely as demonstrated here.

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Updating a cache automatically

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A change that I pushed in iG:Syntax Hiliter v4.2 was that shorthand style tags were enabled for all languages. Apart from the GeSHi language files bundled in the plugin, you can add additional language files in the “geshi” directory of your theme and those will be picked up by the plugin. Since the architecture of the plugin relies on Shortcode API of WordPress rather than doing its own regex for tag parsing, the plugin always needs to know what language files are available to it to be able to allow shorthand style tags else the code blocks won’t get picked up by the plugin.

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