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Which PHP Framework is right for you? There seems to be an uprising in the world of PHP frameworks ever since the formidable Ruby on Rails took the programming world by storm, catapulting the quiet Ruby domain into limelight!! Ever since, new PHP Frameworks of all sizes and shapes(slow/fast, bloated/neat, simple/complex, light/heavy, rawking/suckerfish) seem to be popping up now and then and a lot of them seem to be modelled after RoR aka Ruby on Rails.

But then, if it was so easy to clone success, there wouldn’t be any more failures!! ๐Ÿ˜• There’s a good little review of 6 (RoR like)PHP Frameworks on H3RALD, which compares them quite honestly(& the reviewer states it clearly that he personally likes CakePHP) listing out their Pros & Cons. “Only PHP5” requirement has been tagged as a Con and some short sighted people indeed might howl on that unfairness, I think its only appropriate seeing that the majority of stuff written in PHP is for v4 and PHP5 wasn’t as widely adopted as one was hoping for(both by companies & webhosts)!!

So overall, quite a good review. I’m now thinking of trying CodeIgniter and CakePHP to see which suits me best, since the former is a simple framework which is a speed beast while the latter is a good compromise between features and speed. ๐Ÿ˜‰