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I’ve been away for quite a while from this part of world, mean that I’m writing here on this blog of mine after 6 months, well a day more than 6 months to be exact!! No need for explanations, everyone’s got life, I found mine as well!! 😉

But what I’m amazed at is that some people just don’t have it or are too much frustrated with their own lives that they just crib about everything else they don’t like!! One example can be seen at this CodeIgniter vs. CakePHP thread in the CI forums. While some people really said why they didn’t like CakePHP & what they found good or better in CI, some of the crowd didn’t miss a beat to give their piece of mind about how badly CakePHP sucks and some went even as far as enlightening us how Ruby on Rails, Django, Turbogears, Python etc. suck!!! 🙄 These are people who never do anything worthwhile and their life passes by without a blink. Comments like:

django requires you to learn python. Another significant point: system requirements for django, and trubogrears, are sky-high. Django requires apache 2.0. I think cheerypy, which is part of turbogears, requires python 2.4.

I really feel like saying, get a life looser!! So Django requires you to learn Python, big deal?? Like you don’t have to know PHP for using CI or CakePHP or any other PHP framework? Like you don’t have to know Java to use Struts or Tapestry etc.?? Tomorrow you might sulk off saying that you are required to learn some language before you can make a software, or still better, you need to have gas in your car before it can take you around!! C’mon, splash some ice-cold water on your face, eat something good for a change & get some fresh air!!

These people are the junk of IT industry, and mind you, there’s a lot of it floating around!! I like CI for its simplicity & how it lets me do things, but that doesn’t mean that I start hating every other framework around or language around!! But these people are not content with just using what they like, they also want to waste their & other people’s time with idiotic crap and you’ll find it everywhere, be it IE vs FireFox or Windows vs. Linux vs. Mac or Free vs. Proprietary Software, anything!! These are the people who start flamewars when one is not required and these are the people who never do anything useful, though they do their communities a bad name!! 🙄

Everything has its short comings, every software has some basic requirements to run, so?? When will people learn, that the time they waste around cribbing about how things are not, if its spending making things the way they should be, they just might achieve it!!