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The year 2021 CE is over. Its in the past now. It was an eventful year just like its predecessor, the year 2020 CE. It had its bad & worse moments and it had its good moments as well.

I left PMC towards the end of the year, having worked there for almost 11 years. That is the longest I’ve worked at any place, it’s more than half my professional career so far. It was a bittersweet moment, leaving behind an environment I’d gotten used to, leaving behind colleagues/friends I’d been working with for years. I left to join Deep Ganatra, my friend of 18+ years, at The Good Glamm Group to help shape things and to help build them better & stronger, work that we both can be proud of. Also, this meant that for the first time since I’ve known Deep, I’d be working with him. This was one of the big draws for me.

The Resolutions?

There was a time when I did New Year Resolutions, when I was still in school, and then one day I stopped doing those because I felt they created an unnecessary mental pressure. Instead, I started keeping track of 2-3 things that I’d do in the year and even if I didn’t complete them I’d at least make a sincere effort. That somehow used to work, it didn’t create any mental pressure.

So this time I think I’ll give it a go and combine both outlooks. Here’s my small list of professional resolutions for the year 2022 CE:

  • Hire for & grow my team at The Good Glamm Group. (if you are a PHP + WP developer based in India & looking for work, contact me – I’m recruiting)
  • Improve software engineering processes and help reduce technical pain points for the business unit under my purview at work.
  • Learn Docker & get on with modern times.
  • Learn Go – I’ve had this on my to-do list for a while now.

There’s always more to do but I think this would be a good starting point.

May the year 2022 be prosperous & productive for us all.