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Matt gave us a peek inside the plans for the future of WordPress, what’s on the charts & what we can expect. 😀
Having the ability to run multiple blogs through just one installation is a feature that has eluded WordPress users till yet. To have multiple blogs, we have to install multiple instances of wordpress. Though its not a problem but still, the ability to create/edit/monitor a blog with just a click is too tempting & too good to be overlooked. 😉
And this is the feature that other Blog scripts in the competition have had for many versions now, the leader of the pack being MovableType. This is a feature that has kept MT users from switching to WordPress from MT. Many MT users have been fed up with the slow rebuilds(rebuilding itself is a disgusting thing) & now the licensing evils of MT. But most of MT users have more than a Blog running of their MT install & they used to wonder that how difficult would it be to manage more than one instance of WP, logging in to different urls(this can be solved with a little coding) each time to adminster a Blog, its just too much of an overhead. 😡
I, for one, don’t have any problems with non-existence of multi-blogs feature, as I’m the only one who run this Blog. So added feature or not, it doesn’t matter much to me(at the moment). But I think that it’ll be an added reason for people to start using WordPress & to switch from MT. 😀