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Another much awaited release was the final stable version Mono 1.0 which eventually came out of Beta & was released as final stable version1.0 on June 30, 2004. The Mono-Project is a step to bring Microsoft’s .NET platform to Linux to harness the peaks of .NET & allow non-Windows users to use .NET.

Currently available for Linux, Windows & MacOS, Mono at present support programming in only C#. A VB.NET integration is expected soon if some insiders are to be believed. 😉 Can’t think of ASP.NET without VB.NET, no? 😉

But what this means that ASP.NET will soon be available on a Linux server near you, meaning that you won’t have to shell out extra for a Windows server if you want to anything with ASP.NET or integrate your existing PHP or CGI based applications with ASP.NET without much pains. 😀