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Its been about 15 days since I conceived the idea of igBlog, a Blog system in ASP with MS-Access as its database. There’s a disappointing lack of blog scripts in ASP & insulting is the lack of good ones. 😈 BlogWorksXML is a pain in the *** & uBlog is just too basic. 🙁

So I thought that I’d start off a new project, an Open Source fling, my first, taking inspiration from WordPress, & then invite volunteers to form a dev team(like many other Open Source projects) & continue the work as Open Source. 😉

The main thing is that I should get the first version of it out asap. Just to show others what I had visioned & what’s lacking in other attempts. 😀

Now the problem is that I’ve not been able to give as much time to it as I’d wanted, due to severe workload. But I’m making progress slowly & steadily & should be there in no time. 😕

Meanwhile, there’ve been quite a few people who’ve asked about the status & when would igBlog be releasing. Well guys, I really don’t know myself. If I had had it my way, it would’ve been done & over with the first release in 2-3 days of conceiving the vision. But that has not been the case. 😉 😐

Still, I’m trying hard to get it on asap. You must keep a watch on both/either this Blog and/or The Prototype! 😉

Any information about igBlog or other future prototypes will be put at both places.