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I’ve been considering learning RUBY for sometime now, as with many other things that are clogging my TO DO List marked as “To Learn”. 😉
But one thing’s sure, once I get igBlog‘s first version out, I’m gonna start picking up on RUBY & ASP.NET(maybe but chances of it are 95%). 😀
There aren’t many RUBY developers around here, so I really don’t know whether it’ll be an advantage or dis-advantage, but still, it’ll look good on my Resumé, knowing a language that none/few people know here. 😉
And Python has been added to my TO DO List(heck, its increasing all the time). I don’t know much about it but people have said that Python & RUBY are somewhat similar. I dunno, but if that’s true then it won’t be tough learning Python after learning RUBY. But then people have also said that Python isn’t tough to learn. Its quite easy, so there. 😀

But what has been disappointing is that no books on RUBY are available here. Though there are quite some good books on it but none is available here. I think that I’ll have to do with whatever I can find online, along with RUBY docs.
But a good book that I found is Programming Ruby – The Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide, which is available online for FREE.
This book also has a paperback edition available at Amazon, which ofcourse is NOT FREE. 😀 😉