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So, now WordPress has a proper bug tracker of its own, looks like the team is all out to swat the bugs out. 😀
There are already quite a number of bug reports in there, I’m not surprised. Most of the times, the bug reports are like
“Oh, I’ve gone through every available word on installation but my WP won’t install”
“damn this thing, I can’t seem to find this or that or make that thing work”

& the irony is that most of the times, these issues wouldn’t arise if people would care to read the manual & instructions that come with the package & the junk that’s available on the website in the Support Forums & the WiKi.

Now I called all that beautiful info junk b’cause to these people, its junk as they just don’t bother to look at them, as if the WP team & we people have nothing better to do that just post in trash. 👿

I hope that people come to their senses(pretty rare chance), & don’t just spam the bug tracker with useless bug reports. 😀 😉