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  1. Cool function, but it doesn’t run on WinXP Pro. I used it on Win2003 & it ran fine but gave out errors outside of my understanding when I ran the same code on WinXP.

    Is there something you can fix?

    Thanks for a cool function & a cool article. 😀

  2. Yes, there’s some problem when running this function on WinXP. However, a fix has been mentioned for that. You just didn’t read my post well enough. 😀

    To run this function on WinXP, you need to un-comment all the comments, which does’t have 2 slashes(//) in them, in the function. Also, you need to include 2 lines of code in the page on which you are calling this function. These 2 lines are mentioned in the post above, the last code block. These should be the first 2 lines of the page.

    If you do all this, the function should work fine on WinXP too.
    If you still get a problem like invalid or unauthorised or unknown port, then simply change the port from 25 to whatever your webhost is using for SMTP.

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