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Most of us know what a SE(Search Engine) Friendly URL is.
Like if a URL is
its SE Friendly version can be

Now, there’s a module by name of mod_rewrite available for Apache Webserver through which you can achieve this clean look of URLs. But there’s no such thing for ASP with IIS available. Ofcourse there are some commercial ISAPI Filters/COM DLLs available for this kind of thing but then, since most of us are on shared webservers, we can’t use these ISAPI Filters/COM DLLs. The webhosts don’t allow them to be registered on the server.

I’ve been doing some experiments around this thing since yesterday, to accomplish it in Pure ASP & have made some good progress. A few more things to clear up before I’m ready. 😀
The thing is that this crazyness of mine is not un-warranted. Its not come all on its own. I’ve been longing to do something big in ASP & have decided what to do. Its not open yet but will be very soon. 😉
And this crazyness is tied up to that something big, I promise.

A little wait & the prototype will roll out quite soon. 😉