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I breathed a sigh of relief. Matt announced that people are not able to use WordPress with PHP5 because of a bug in PHP5 & not in WordPress, as people were assuming. I say assuming & not thinking, as thinking means that you are not sure & you have your doubts, but people reporting failure to run WordPress with PHP5 simply said that there’s some problem with WP & they hope that it would be fixed in next release of WP. Well, I call that assuming, as they pretty much assumed that the fault is in WP & didn’t give a thought to any bugs in PHP5.

Anyways, that’s not a big issue. The thing is that the bug is not in WP & that’s what I’m happy about. As for PHP5, well, I haven’t upgraded yet, still running ole PHP4 & don’t have any plans to upgrade to PHP5 yet as it seems to have quite a bit of bugs & problems. So I’m not upgrading till its 99.99% stable. Besides, I’ll not be using any of the new features of PHP5 yet, heck, I don’t even use PHP4 any good, so I’m not in a hurry. 😀