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When I downloaded WP(WordPress) for the first time & had endless problems running it, I never thought that in barely a month’s time, I’d have my own WordPress powered Blog up & running & I’d be writing my own custom hacks for it, since I barely knew PHP then(till last month). 😉
But my determination has brought me here so far & it was it which made me learn PHP, install WP & now, I know enough PHP to write some basic but useful Hacks for WP. 😀
Now that I’ve my WP powered Blog up & running for about a month, I think that its time to get the inside look on this popular Blog script. I’ve been in between a rock & a hard place all this April, coordinating my workload with my PHP encounters & I’m happy that I’ve been improving with each encounter.
When I was able to install WP, I ported my month & year based search hack from my old blog to WP. 😉
But today I’ve made it a proper WP Hack, using the my-hacks.php file & encapsulating the code snippet into a function. You can try it by selecting the month & year from the drop-down lists below the calendar on your right side. 😀