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Yipee!! 😀 🙂
Matt announced the official release & immediate availability of the much awaited WordPress 1.2, codenamed “Mingus” but I noticed it only yesterday morning at 3AM when I was checking the feeds I’ve subscribed to, in my copy of SharpReader. 😉

Now this version of WordPress sports the new Plugin architecture which makes executing custom functions on WordPress actions as smooth as butter. I’m already looking forward to ferreting new plugins available at WordPress official website & a few other resource websites. 😀 And ofcourse I’ll try & make a few myself when I get the time. 😉

The new version of WordPress also has many new features, including support for sub-categories, thumbnail creation of uploaded images. Many old features have been revamped too & the full change log can be seen here at WordPress WiKi.

Those of you who are migrating to WordPress after an unpleasant scene with MT or migrating from other Blog scripts for some other reasons, I can tell you that the installation of WordPress 1.2 will be hassle free & smooth. I took the final RC of WordPress, which was as good as this final version, & performed a clean install in under 3 minutes on Windows 2000 running IIS5.0, PHP 4.3.2, MySQL 4.0.16, not to mention that I did face quite a trouble in installing WordPress 1.0.2 which I’m currently using. 😉

I hope that the upgrade will be smooth & hassle free too. 😉

I’ll be upgrading after I fool around with my copy of WP1.2 a bit. 😉 But not before long & also I’m thinking of changing the look ‘n’ feel of the Blog too. 😐

The download instructions for WordPress can be found at here. 😀