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  1. Hi Amit, Nice site..I have seen your “World from me eyes” as well. I must say you are master in both the language. I dont have hindi typewriter so i m posting comment on this, the hindi font which you use is too small to read. Can you please increase the font size, its just the request.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Nidhi, first, thanks for the compliments and bravo for tracking me down here!! 😉 Secondly, you can increase the font size in your browser window by going to the “Text Size” in the View menu of your browser window(IE & FireFox). I cannot increase the font size since wordpress.com doesn’t allow that!! 🙁 But you could’ve posted at my hindi blog in english as well, generally I don’t like that, but I do make a few exceptions now & then, especially in case of members of opposite sex!! 😉

    And you can write in Hindi as well, you don’t need any hindi typewriter, just have a look here for the Hindi tools and you’ll be writing in Hindi as well!! 🙂

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