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We heard about 64Bit processors. Then we heard about 64Bit operating systems & softwares. I think its time we hear about 64Bit Viruses. 😉
Yes, that’s true. Anti-Virus & Security company Symatec reported on thursday that they’ve identified what they think is the first virus for the 64Bit versions of Windows, which is labeled W64.Rugrat.3344.
That’s crazy if you ask me. 😡 I mean, 64Bit operating systems(especially Windows) haven’t even got a foothold in the industry yet, they are not widespread yet & there’s a virus already for them. 🙄 What does the virus writer want with this? The last thing I knew was that virus coders write viruses for OSes that have a great following, so as to make an impact on a lot of computers & people. Maybe I should refresh my thoughts on that & do some reading again. 😥

But the users of 32Bit Windows can remain relaxed. This virus won’t do anything to your OS. But still, better be safe than sorry, I advise that you get the latest updates of Virus Definitions for whichever anti-virus software you use, be it Norton/Symantec, McAfee, AVG Anti-Virus, or any other anti-virus that you use. If you don’t use any anti-virus software, it makes no difference whether your computer uses Internet or not, your computer is at risk. If you can’t buy an anti-virus software, you can get the AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. 😉

You can read up the full news story on this 64Bit virus at CNet’s 😀