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ok, I’ve put together a little description of RSS & compiled a list of FREE RSS Aggregators here for those unfamiliar with RSS & Syndication.

RSS stands for RDF Site Summary.

With RSS, you can stay updated with the latest content, whatever it may be. Be it Blogs, News, Posts in your Favourite Forums, etc.

RSS a Portable Format that gives you the freedom of checking on updates in Blogs, News, your favourite Forums, etc. without actually logging on to the respective websites.
You can view & read the updates according to your needs & specifications, you have the total control.

RSS is basically storing data in raw XML documents without any formatting.You get raw xml when you subscribe to an RSS feed, which is light in size since its without any kind of formatting etc.
You can thus format it according to your liking, giving you the freedom over the layout, colour schemes, etc.

So, basically you can read RSS feeds either with an online reader or with one of the Softwares available.
You can even read RSS Feeds on Mobile Devices like Phones, PDAs, etc. if they are WAP enabled & have an RSS Aggregator(reader).

Some of the free softwares to aggregate(read) RSS feeds are: 8)


Mac OS X:-
NetNewsWire Lite


Mobile Phones:-

There are plenty of web based RSS Aggregators too & ofcourse you can make your own in any of ASP, PHP, Java, ColdFusion, Flash, JavaScript, Perl, etc. if you know how to play around with XML & manipulate it. 😉