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You do not get Google PR here.....

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Why these spammers are so dumb? :curse: Why don’t they understand a thing when its dancing out naked in front of them? I think I’ll announce it formally so if they have any brains & can read English, they’ll know.


Will they understand? I think not. 😡 A long time back when I moved to WordPress 1.2, I wrote a plugin that thwarts anyone’s attempts to gain Google PR by commenting on my post(s). 😀 If you must’ve noticed, your links in comments are not directly linked to their target URIs. Instead they are redirected to by my redirect script which means that you don’t get any Google PR by posting comments at this blog. 😉

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A word on RSS !!

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ok, I’ve put together a little description of RSS & compiled a list of FREE RSS Aggregators here for those unfamiliar with RSS & Syndication.

RSS stands for RDF Site Summary.

With RSS, you can stay updated with the latest content, whatever it may be. Be it Blogs, News, Posts in your Favourite Forums, etc.

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