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James Gosling, the father of JAVA, clarifies a few things, rumours(read baseless) that’ve been flying around with the ongoing legal battle between the big bully Microsoft & the too hot to handle SUN & its concluding settlement.
James was quite affronted with some rumours that said that SUN has sold out JAVA(Community) to Microsoft for $$$, or atleast he appeared to(be affronted) in his Blog Post. 😀
The one thing that’s come good(for whom, its to be seen 😉 ) with this settlement is that SUN has hit paydirt & James say that a significant part of the bounty will be invested in the development of JAVA & JAVA Community. Well, if that’s really true, then we JAVA developers have something to celebrate. 😉

James Gosling also takes on Richard Stallman’s ridiculous article giving a ridiculous meaning of FREE Software at Free but shackled: The Java Trap. Like James Gosling, I don’t agree with Richard Stallman either. The definition given by him of “FREE” is not only ridiculous, but prepostrous. 👿 He’s comparing JAVA with GNU GPL, when both don’t have any link between them. JAVA doesn’t impose any of the restrictions that are imposed by GNU GPL. So what on earth is he raving about? 😕