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Apple seems to figure out finally that how should the security hole, in their highly polished & puffed up Mac OS-X, be fixed. 😉
According to Wired, Apple released the patch pretty quietly on Monday, without any noise & champagne. This follows the May 21 release of a patch which left the much hyped operating system as vulnerable as it was before patch & which was released amid trumpeting press releases. 👿 Perhaps Apple isn’t sure whether this’ll work or not because it seems that these smart guys who build one of the secure operating systems in world don’t test their patches or don’t have the know how of testing them, the reason for the previous patch falling dead before destination. 🙄

Looks like Apple needs lessons in patch making & security hole fixing, something which Microsoft would be glad to give them. 😀 😉
But the real topping on this cake has been the deaf silence of Apple. 😀 Sure, they’ve proven that they are more deaf than any company on the face of this planet when it comes to addressing security issues of their own products. They are prejudiced in the sense that their products are best & non-penetrable. 🙄

All I can say is, its time to wake up guys, you’ve got enough troubles on the hand, & if you don’t then you’d start loosing from the meager client base(compared to Windows & Linux/Unix users) that you have. 😀