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People are waiting for GMail, Google’s much hyped free eMail service that promises 1GB(1024MB) of storage space to users.

But before we get Google-ing or GMail-ing, its show time for Spymac users.
Spymac has started offering 1GB storage to its users, says the story at CNet News. 😀
So, it means that Spymac has beaten Google to become Internet’s first free eMail service to offer a GB of storage. 8) And to top it all, the eMail has free access to both POP3 & WebMail. This means that you can either check your eMail in Desktop EMail Clients like Outlook or Eudora or you can check your eMail just like millions do, from a web based interface, accessible from anywhere on internet. 😀 8)

What’s going on? Is the world going crazy? 😕
Not that I’m not happy but, but, but………………………………….
I’m at loss for words for now. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow to realise that it was just a joke or a dream that would not be fulfilled in recent times. 😉

I think I should go & check out the Spymac eMail. 😉