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There’ve been rumours, that Google is creating its own web-browser, for quite some time now. I don’t know whether Google is creating its web-browser or not, but I know that AOL is sure creating one. 😀 As per this news story at CNet’s, AOL is planning to release its own web-browser which will be based on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Technology & its more or less fuelled by the 7-Year-Royalty-Free License that Microsoft granted to AOL last year, allowing AOL to use IE Technology in its products, as part of the $750million settlement in an anti-trust lawsuit filed by Netscape in January 2002.

So, what do we have now? AOL pushing IE & with some other cool browsers like FireFox, Opera, challenging IE’s position as market leader, I think that its time Microsoft reignite the browser wars to keep its #1 position intact. 😉