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Well, it certainly seems that the Apple is finally ripe. Apple Computer released a security patch for the vaunted & secure Mac OS-X which fixes 15 security flaws which when exploited by a good lad, can crash Apache webserver running on it or can allow good guys run software remotely through the perfect Safari browser, among other good things.

Incidently, Apple didn’t react soon enough when a security researcher reported the security flaws in OS-X in February this year. Apparently they didn’t believe that their Super OS is faulty. They must’ve been cursing the people at University of California, Berkeley. After all, Mac OS-X is puffed up FreeBSD of which Apple is so proud b’coz they’ve added some decor to the tank OS & are able to sell it off for a king’s ransom. But every dog runs out of his days & so is the case with Apple. They were thunderstruck that their OS-X is vulnerable. Until now they’ve been sniggering at Microsoft’s Windows for having security holes but now its their turn to be at receiving end. 😉

Well, let me tell those puffed up Apple butterflies, next year it’ll be 30 years since Microsoft was conceived. But if Apple takes another 30 years, it can’t get where Microsoft is today.
So, instead of mocking others, why don’t you cover up your flanks & do your job in a better way. Atleast by doing that, you can ensure that you don’t loose whatever meagre clientele you’ve got. 🙄