Biking Me!!

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  1. As per current exchange rate, it cost me about US$1,178. 🙂 What does they cost at your place? 😕

    Congratulations, I am jealous!
    Thanks!! Yeah, you have a right to be jealous. 😀

  2. Yeah well, I wanted some economy in fuel consumption as well as some style & some speed. So this fit the bill nicely. 😉

    Otherwise, we have a Hero-Honda Karizma which is 223CC. It came out with a price tag of about US$1900 but it didn’t take off despite the power, looks & aggressive marketing. Now its going at an on-road price of about US$1600. 😀 But it doesn’t give you fuel economy, & no Honda or Yamaha bike will give that either.

    The company claims that my bike gives a mileage of 77KM/Litre while the people I’ve talked to say that its giving around 50-55KM/Litre. But I’m assuming that it’ll give around 45-50KM/Litre which is alright for me. The fuel costs around US$0.76/Litre here which is somewhat high by the standards here. 🙁

    Mostly, people here look for the mileage that a bike or car gives, then they look at the looks or anything else. So the vehicles giving a good blend of economy & style are the best sellers here. 😀

  3. Yeah, & it runs good as well. Its just that I’m not used to such speeds at all having not driven a bike for 5+ years, but I’m getting used to it. My only concern now is that people in cars drive like maniacs on loose, here. 🙁 So I’d better wotcher!! 😉

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