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So, I finally have upgraded to WP1.2, more than 2 months after it was officially released. I was not one of the quickest to notice its release, but not late either.:grin:

But as is with upgrading any software, time was required & also I was thinking of doing a new design. This upgrade does have a new design but its not the one that I intended originally. I was supposed to make an original creation of mine, thus helping me get more familiar with WP template tags etc. but alas, things didn’t work out my way & I didn’t get time.:sad: Also, one of the reasons that I wanted do it myself as I wanted the current CSS positioned layout to a more solid <table> layout. Why?:shock: Many of you guys may raise an eyebrow or two about that. But the reason for that is, some of my readers who are still using 4.x & 5.x browsers, have reported that the layout doesn’t appear well in their browsers & they have difficulty in reading my Blog.:sad: But as I said, I didn’t get the time, so I’ve to do with a CSS based layout. This layout is based on one created by Vladimir Simovic for the WordPress Style Competition held by Alex King long ago.:grin: I’ve ofcourse, edited it quite a bit until I was tired.:wink:

If you haven’t wandered away yet(I think I’ve blabbed on too much), it might interest you guys to know that I’ve put on the Comments Subscription Plugin by Jennifer. Will help you keep track of comments made after you commented. Quite useful feature that I find on many WP blogs that I read. A new version(v1.4.2) is available at ScriptyGoddess

So, ENJOY!! 😀 😉