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Its been like hell here, with me wasting 2+ hours of my Sunday morning deleting comment spam which seems to have hit this blog of mine last night. And this is one of the biggest attacks I’ve faced at this blog, comment spam in access of 300. 😯
And this time it isn’t for pagerank or link popularity, but just to show that they can spam. :curse: The comments contained not a single link that worked, just rubbish like

<a href=””>xuycuaeguko</a> aeyuug

And this time the spammer seems to have gotten wise, he changed IPs with every comment, so that he can’t be blocked. :curse:

Damn, damn, damn!! :curse:
I just hate these guys & if I get my hands on any of these, I’m gonna wring the bastard to a slow & painful death. :curse:

But all I can do at the moment is to strengthen my defenses. Any suggestions from anyone? 🙁