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Ok, I’m now fed up with comment spammers. As noted in my last post, I’ve been under attack since last night. If that wasn’t enough, the spammer came back for more late this morning, flooding my blog with more. :curse:
So I decided enough is enough. Now I’ve installed Kitten’s Spaminator & heavily updated my Blacklist with Simon’s Blacklist & the WPBlacklist. Its now quite beefy, with over 2000 lines of spam words & urls & emails etc. If you want it, you can access it at my_blacklist.txt Feel free to use it. I’ll try & keep it updated. If you use any blacklist other than mine or have your own, I’d sure be interested in it. 😉 But I will merge it in my public blacklist only if I find it worthy & if I find that you are blacklisting innocent domains/emails/IPs/words etc., I’ll not use it. 😀

So lets get cracking. 😉
If your legit comments are being blocked here, please feel free to Contact Me(look for the link in the left menu) with the name & email used, the comment text(optional but recommended), IP from which comment was posted(optional but recommended). I’ll check it out & if I can, I’ll repost the comment & remove you from my blacklist. 😀