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  1. Nah, I haven’t seen it & now that I’ve seen it, I can’t understand it. 🙁
    But as far as I can make out it, its a plugin for Blog:CMS. 😀

    Good for you!! 😉 And I recommended my plugin & GeSHi to Dennis & he’s using it at ezFAQs. 😉

  2. Well, the code is written in English & the class extends NucleusPlugin & as far as I know, only the plugins meant for NucleusCMS & Blog:CMS use that class for plugins.

    And since that blog is running Blog:CMS, I made an educated guess that its a plugin for Blog:CMS. 😀

    While I’m around, no one is going to create a WP plugin using GeSHi. There’s no need for duplicacy. There are still lot of other important issues to tackle, so the guys should spend their time in tackling one of them rather than duplicating my work. 😉

  3. phpBB doesn’t have a cacheing facility, so you had to implement the cacheing. But WordPress has an excellent plugin called Staticize by Matt. 😀 Now, you tell me, do I really have to duplicate work when there’s an excellent solution available? 😉

  4. Sure phpBB has caching, it’s just not turned on by default 😉

    Just make sure that calls to parse_code only happen when they *have* to (if your caching doesn’t do this already).

  5. Well, I haven’t tried my plugin with Staticize but as far as I know, Staticize stores the final output, after all plugins & filters have been applied, in text files, so the next time it shows the content from text files, no filters are applied. But I’ll look into it. 😉

  6. Perhaps you should suggest it as part of your mod, rather than re-doing it if it’s already done. Just a quick note, like “you may notice speed issues with this mod – use ths Staticize mod to resolve them” or similar.

  7. Yep, that can be done. I’ll put it in the manual, though I haven’t myself tried out my plugin with Staticize. So I’ll try it out & then put it in the manual. 😀 😉

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