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Wanna kill SPAM? Kill the SPAMMERS instead. Well, not actually kill SPAMMERS but make it almost impossible for them to SPAM.

Just ask yourself a question. Why do spammers SPAM you? Just because they can’t afford advertising their websites/services etc. so they opt for the next best(worst) thing, they SPAM so as to spread awareness about their stuff. What does all this mean? That they are low on budget. If they are low on budget then if their hosting bills suddenly increase manyfolds, they wouldn’t be able to afford it. And just how can you increase their hosting bills? Their host just won’t bill them more simply because you want them to. 😉 So?? 😕
Well, you can simply pull so much data from their websites so that their bandwidth usage & their data transfer increases which would result in more bills.

Lycos, the forgotten Internet Giant has banged back in the news. When everyone is busy taking defensive action by patenting Domain Keys or Sender IDs, Lycos has gone on offensive by creating & releasing a screensaver that can prove to be SPAM killer, reports BBC News. This screensaver will request data from websites that SPAMMERS advertise in their SPAM. The idea is that if enough people download & run the screensaver, the spamming websites will see quite high hosting bills due to increased bandwidth usage. But this won’t crash the internet. The screensaver requests 1MB of data from one machine, so if 10000 people run it on a day, it won’t effect their internet usage but it’ll effect the SPAMMER’s websites as they’ll be experiencing a huge surge in bandwidth usage, about 10GB of data transfer on that day. If this happens even 20 days a month, that means 200GB of data transfer. :dizzy: These websites will start disappearing like soap bubbles. 😀 😉

If this happens successfully, then…. then…. then…., one thing is sure, Bill Gates will be quite happy because as per a recent mention somewhere(I don’t remember exactly where), he gets 4million+ SPAM eMails per day which worm their way around Microsoft’s filters!! 😯 Obviously he’s the most spammed person in the world, & he’ll be delighted as hell, heck, he might even buy Lycos!! 😀 😉