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Now that I’m feeling the heat myself, I know how do the guys feel when their blogs are bombed by spammers!! :curse: Being a bit popular blog & some good ranking in Google & Yahoo, I’ve got a lot of comment spam in the last week, about 20 a day on average & 50 on the worst day!! 😯 Well, that may seem a bit too trivial to the extremely popular guys who get loads of comment spam everyday, this amount of spam is quite a lot for someone like me who got just an odd 1-2 spam comment in a month or two, till yet.

Damn those spammers, they can’t even read the notice that I’ve put up below the comment form that all comments are moderated before being shown & its 100% likely that their comment with 4 or 5 irrelevant links will not be approved. 😡 But I think that they post not from the comment form but from………

Well, I think that just to be sure, I’d put up a domain identification script so that if a comment has not been posted from this domain, then it’ll be rejected straightaway. 😕
More work to do!! :dizzy: