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Well, the buzz is still there about GMail(Google’s foray into free eMail market) & most people do want to get a piece of it.
But a thought that struck me was about GMail’s SPAM Filters. Its true that Yahoo! & Hotmail have the largest subscriber base & the way people are buzzing, there’ll be a stampede to register accounts once GMail is opened to public. 😉
True that 1GB of storage(what GMail will offer) is an enormous amount but one of the most critical aspects of any eMail solution today is its ability to filter out SPAM. And Hotmail has one of the best SPAM filters & Yahoo! is improving day by day too. Now the question is, will GMail have good enough SPAM filter(s)? Because if its not going to have any good SPAM filter(s), the 1GB of storage won’t hold much appeal to public since they’ll not want to do away with SPAM every day when they check their eMail. 😉 😐

Though not much is known about the features of GMail, ofcourse its a service of Google, the all secretive company, I for one just hope that it has decent SPAM filter(s). 😀