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It seems that Google has stepped into troubled waters with GMail. With privacy concerns rising all over due to Google’s proposal that it will scan all out going eMail messages & place ads in it, relevant to the content, one trouble is ending only to welcome another trouble. 😀
It seems that while the Brits have no problem with GMail scanning outgoing messages & placing ads relevant to the context of the message, the Californians are pretty much irked up on this. And Senator Liz Figueroa, a Democrat from Fremont, California, said that she’s  drafting a legislation that will block GMail(with its present stand on scanning outgoing eMails to place context relevant ads) from California. 😐
Seems like Google has its hands fuller than they thought it will be. But I think that they must’ve anticipated this kind of reaction from people & public bodies, after all, they are not a bunch of dunderheads!! 😉
So, all Google can say is that its considering changes in GMail. 😉 😀