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Google is all set to become a nightmare again. 👿 Earlier, the victims were Search Engines, now it’ll be free eMail providers. Usually free eMail providers give out anything between 2MB to 10MB for free eMail users. Most notable are Hotmail(2MB), Yahoo!(4MB) & Indiatimes Email Service(10MB).

But Google is ready to make these offerings a drop in the ocean when it launches its GMail which promises to give out, …………., hold your breath, 1GB. YES, that’s right, 1GB = 1024MB. 😀 8) The story at CNet News.

This would probably put an end to most of the free eMail services & I can bet anything, people would scarper to get their account registered with GMail as soon as it rolls out in public. 😉

What this means that you, most probably, would not need to delete any of your eMail message. You would be able to keep them all.
But there’s a catch. Google would scan the text of all outgoing eMails & place ads relevant to the content, at the bottom of the eMail. This would boost its ad sales sky high, no doubt about it, but some people have raised privacy concerns about it.

Since it was posted on April 1, some people thought it was an April Fools Joke but CNet News cleared that it isn’t a joke.

Though there’ve been mixed reactions, along with many unbelieving looks, I’m eager for the service to roll out.

GMail Ahoy!! 😀 8) 😉