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Google PageRank is a way through which you can know how does Google rank/value your website on a scale of 10. The higher your website is ranked/valued, the better it is, for your prospects of being listed higher in Google increases & its the No.1 search engine, don’t forget that. 😉

But how do one know the page rank of their website or any other website? Well, those who have Google Toolbar installed in their browsers can find out the page rank of the website you are currently browsing. 😀 But then again, the problem is that the toolbar is available only for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later on Microsoft Windows, & there are lots of people who don’t use Internet Explorer or aren’t on Microsoft Windows. I for one, don’t use plain Internet Explorer. Sure, I use Internet Explorer 6 but I use it through Crazy Browser, which means I can’t use Google Toolbar. Then? How do they see the page rank of a website or their own website?

Via Dennis, I found about the Google PageRank Calculator at website. 😀
This is a great tool, I must say. It says that the PageRank of my Blog( is 4/10 & that of my website( is 5/10. 😀 Sounds good. 😉 But the traffic trends have been reverse, I must say. The blog has been getting more hits than the website or so my server logs tell me. Got 5304 hits on the website in May but 14418 hits on the Blog. A bit decline I’d say since the hits on Blog were 15215 in April, but impressive all the same, no doubt. 😉 As it also happens that according to Google, I’m 2nd most important/popular Amit Gupta in the world. 😀 😉
Still, its way to go. I’m not keen on increasing the PageRank or anything like that at the moment. At the moment I’m just enjoying Blogging the way I’m doing it(& I’m grateful that I’m getting the time to Blog) & am just keen on blogging anything but no-nonsense stuff. 😉