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So finally Microsoft has decided to enter the now HOT race of super storage eMails. 😀

As Reuters tell it, Microsoft has announced that it’ll boost the storage of free Hotmail accounts to 250MB from a meagre 2MB. Yes, this is true. This announcement ends the speculations, guesses & rumours as to whether Microsoft will enter this storage boost race or not, in which Yahoo!, Hotmail’s major rival, has already started sprinting. But what comes as a pleasant surprise is that earlier, Yahoo! was providing twice the amount of storage than Hotmail, but as per this announcement, Hotmail will provide 2.5 times more than what Yahoo! is now providing. After all, basic maths tells us that

100 x 2.5 = 250

But this pleasantness will happen in July, which is not far now, less than a week left. 😉 But the wait is worth the fruit that’s on offer.

The paid users also have a lot to cheer about. Microsoft has also announced MSN Hotmail Plus which will sport a hefty 2GB storage with 20MB per eMail size & never expiring accounts, no graphic ads, all for $19.95 per year. All users of Hotmail extra storage & MSN Premium subscribers will be upgraded to it when it comes out later this summer.

Also, Microsoft has promised that all users will get free anti-virus protection that will scan & clean incoming & outgoing eMails automatically before they end up in the inbox. 😀 Seems like Microsoft is pretty determined against viruses & worms this time. 😉

But all this started with Google’s GMail, after which Yahoo! & Rediffmail users saw a boost. 😀