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I’ve just 2 words to say to those Mac users who ridiculed Windows users saying that we are fools to use insecure & virus happy OS, “hastalavista baby”. 😉
Mac users have been hit hi-time with the risk of 1-2-combo attacks. A security researcher has released the fact that OS-X has a couple of security flaws which when exploited together, can do the ole Mac some good by allowing the attacker to run any file from the victim Mac. In simple english, it means that Mac OS-X is Vulnerable. The reasearcher claims to have notified Apple of these flaws in February but the big A never responded, which made it quite clear that Apple are just too confident about the security of their products that they can be safely called over-confident.
Its not that they didn’t respond. Apple did release a security patch last Friday but what’s amusing is that it has failed to plug the security hole. Jason Harris, a programmer for Unsanity wrote in his company’s white paper that it’ll not be easy to fix these flaws & Apple will have to remove useful features from its OS to fix these flaws, given that there’s a lot of overlap between the apps on OS-X.

I don’t mean to downplay the seriousness of this issue nor I have anything against Mac users. All I’ll say to them is never ridicule anyone on the topic of security of the other OS or softwares, you never know when they might get back at you. 😉
And ofcourse, stop being over-confident, over-proud, accepting the security of a Mac with closed eyes. 😉