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I stumbled across this old news story at c|net news, which has me gasping for breath & making me jealous of South Koreans. How I got to this news story isn’t important, but this news story is. 😀

As per this news story at c|net news, on an average, the Internet Connection speed in South Korea is 8 megabits per second, in short, its 8Mbps. 😯 :dizzy: Its 8 times more than what broadband users get in US, states the news story. 😕 Seems like the americans reading this or those aware of this fact might think that their connection which they thought was broadband, is just infact a narrow, a much narrow band. 😀

And me, sitting with my dumb 64Kbps connection, all I can do is envy the South Koreans. Or should I look for a job in Seoul, so that I can shift to South Korea? 😉