I Envy South Koreans!!

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  1. Yeah, it is nice with some real speed, in Sweden we seem to have about the same line up as Korea. 8Mbit seems to getting quite common thrue ADLS 2 and VDSL. I am even a more lucky bastard having a 20Mbit / 10Mbit line with a static IP and paying about 50$ a month for this.

    So if you do not want to move to Korea, you can move to Sweden instead 😉

  2. 20Mbit/10Mbit line for $50 bucks!! 😯 You really are a lucky bastard. 😀 I pay roughly $22/month for the darn 64Kbps line & its not always 64Kbps. In the last week of the month, its not more 40-42Kbps. 😥

    Umm, yeah, you’ve given me another destination to think about. 😉 But I’ve heard that Sweden is a very cold place but the gals are nice. 😐 Is that so? 😀

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