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I’ve been sitting on it for over a week now, I can’t hold it any longer. 😀

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you the much awaited, iG:Syntax Hiliter v2.0 Final. 😉

After really serious coding & much fretting, the final release of iG:Syntax Hiliter v2.0 is knocking on your doorstep. This is really an update to which a lot of you’ve been looking forward to(so it seemed from all the eMails that I got). 😀 I believe that this release wouldn’t disappoint you & will prove to be worth the wait. 😉

I won’t say anything here(partly b’coz I’m feeling sleepy, its past midnight & I’ll have a long day tomorrow).

I’d just like to point that this release has over 700 lines of code, totally re-written. When I finished writing it at first, it was over 850 lines of code but then I sat down again to prune it & managed to keep it around 750 lines. 😉 If you compare the earlier versions & this version, you’ll find the code totally different. Finally I clustered all the hiliting functions into a class & made that class re-usable, so you can just pull it out & use it to hilite your code your way(you’ll still need GeSHi).

So just go, download the plugin, read the MANUAL & you’ll understand. 😉
Even better would be to take it out for a spin. 😀

IMPORTANT:- This plugin has been tried & known to work with WP 1.2 & WP1.2.1. It has not been tried with any present releases of WP1.3(as its not stable yet) & though it might work with it, its not certain.

Comments & Bug Reports(ah!!) as always are invited. If you have any problems using this plugin or have found a bug, you can post it at

You can see the old examples here. 😀

There’s been a bug that came to my attention following this post in the support thread at WP Forums. Because of this bug, the two <br /> tags were replaced by a </p> tag making the code non xHTML compliant(as per my desires 😉 ). This has been fixed. So those who haven’t downloaded the v2Final yet, can download the whole package while those who have v2Final are requested to download the fixed plugin file which they can replace with their old plugin file(you’ll have to change it again for your settings about line numbers & physical path to GeSHi directory). 😀